marți, 3 septembrie 2013

LWP (58)

Hello, hello!
Am decis sa scurtez numele postarilor acestea si se vor numi LWP (mai bine cunoscute ca si #instalife).
I've decided to make the title of these post shorter, so Last Week Photos will be from now on LWP :D

Saptamana trecuta a fost asa: 
Last week has been like this:

 Monday Blues: bubblegum (HERE)

 Day 26 of my #augustphotochallange : sunglasses. This is my favorite pair. Guess why :D / Perechea mea preferata de ochelari. Ghiciti de ce :D

  I love tea with milk!who knew? ♡ / Iubesc ceaiul cu lapte! Cine stia?

 Day 27 of my #augustphotochallange : school supplies. This is from when I was going to uni, it was bigger and fuller, but the supplies vanished / E de pe vremea cand ma duceam la facultate, era mai plin (penarul), dar intre timp s-au evaporat 

 My middle finger nails (left and right hand) broke, so I had to fix them. Don't know for how long :( / Unghiile de la degetele mijlocii (mana stanga si dreapta) s-au rupt. A trebuit sa le peticesc, nu stiu pentru cat timp.
* I followed Carla's tutorial . I went to get a mnicure and now my nails are shorter / am urmat tutorialul Carlei. Am fost la manichiurista  iar acum le am mai scurte :(

Day 28 of my #augustphotochallange: favorite nail polish. Mine is the @barrymcosmetics Gelly Hi-Shine in Dragon. Love it! / Oja preferata Gelly Hi-Shine de la Barry M nuanta Dragon.

Day 29 of my #augustphotochallange : perfection. The Maldives / Perfectiune: Insulele Maldive

 Day 30 of my #augustphotochallange: my scent. I love Carolina Herrera, Chic / Parfumul meu preferat, Chic de la Carolina Herrera

POP ART (HERE) *middle finger nail is fixed as I sowed you a few pictures above/ unghia mijlocie e "peticita"

 Quick snack: fresh raspberry / Gustare rapida: zmeura proaspata

Day 31 of my #augustphotochallange : smile. I can't believe August is gone. The photo challenge is done. Wow! / Zambet. Nu-mi vine sa cred ca august a trecut. Provocarea s-a terminat. Wow!

Asa a fost saptamana mea.
Saptamana voastra cum a fost? Pregatite pentru septembrie?

This was my week.
How was your week?Are you ready for September?

See U Soon!