marți, 30 iulie 2013

Last Week Photos (53)

Hello, hello!
Cum saptamana trecuta am sarit peste aceasta postare (fiind plecata in concediu), saptamana aceasta vor fi mai multe poze :D
60 seconds to cool to tango and nicole by opi sweet dream -selena collection (AICI)

 Goodies from UK. Can't wait to try them

  I'll be on holliday for one week. I do not know my internet status for this period, but I'll upload more pictures on my return. See U Soon!

Salutari de la malul marii Egee

  The best Magnum I ever eate

 Have a nice evening!

Hello from Limenaria

Inspired by Supranatural (AICI)


  Another beautiful day! We're going to the beach, each....

 Have a Greek beer with me

 I will miss this...

 Good morning. Sun is up...

I wanna feel free

Heavenly Graffiti (AICI

A small coca cola anyone?

 A hot day like this needs an ice tea :P

 Gradient Nails (AICI)

♥ this blackberry smoothie please notice the emoji *^▁^* I have finally an application that I like

 Late night snack

Painting my toenails

Stiu ca sunt multe poze, dar sunt 2 saptamani. In concediu accesul la net a fost limitat, nu am postat multe poze in aceea perioada. Saptamana aceasta va voi povesti cate ceva despre locurile vizitate :D

See U Soon!